1.  The Embassy will inform the family of the deceased and secure a Letter of Acceptance of the remains.
  2. The Embassy will request funding from the DFA.
  3. The Embassy will secure the Death Notification from the hospital.
  4. The Embassy will issue the No Objection Certificate to facilitate the release of the needed documents by the Saudi Government authorities.
  5. The Embassy will report the death to the concerned Police Station and secure its endorsement for the issuance of the deceased’s death certificate.
  6. If all the documents have been secured from the Saudi government authorities, the Embassy will process the exit permit with the Saudi Immigration office.
  7. When the exit permit is already finished, the Embassy will proceed to the airline/cargo office for the necessary flight booking and to arrange the shipment of the deceased’s personal belongings to the Philippines.
  8. The Embassy will go to the Hospital Morgue for the release of the remains of the deceased for transport to the airport.

* Due to the legalities involved in this matter, the repatriation of the remains of an irregular worker to the Philippines sometimes takes more thann two months to be completed.