Bulletin No. 003

Today 17 April 2017, Saudi Immigration (Jawasat) Officials informed the Philippine Embassy that there will be some changes in the guidelines and procedures for the 2017 KSA Amnesty.

Starting this week Jawasat will implement the following:

  1. Amnesty applicants are no longer required to schedule an online appointment, and may directly proceed to the nearest Jawasat Processing Center during operating hours from 7 am to 2 pm. Applicants who lined up during the day but who are not able to finish their application will be given priority the following day. Those who have already secured their online appointment may still come on the day of their appointment, or may choose to proceed directly to the Jawasat on any day.
  2. In order to help decongest the Jawasat Processing Center in Riyadh, applicants may opt to visit other Jawasat Processing Centers in regions outside of Riyadh.

For Mothers/Fathers and Children Cases (i.e. children born out of wedlock), please take note of the following procedures:

  1. For Mothers/Fathers whose children have a valid passport/travel document, and have a copy of the child’s Birth Notification from the Saudi Hospital where the child was born, you may proceed directly to the Jawasat Processing Center to apply for your final exit visas. Those with expired passports/travel documents should proceed to the Philippine Embassy to have their passport/travel documents extended prior to proceeding to the Jawasat Processing Center.
  2. For Mothers/Fathers whose children were never issued a passport/travel document and whose births were not registered at the Philippine Embassy, proceed to the Philippine Embassy to register the birth of your child so that he/she may be issued a travel document for the amnesty.
  3. For Mothers/Fathers whose children do not have a birth notification from the hospital, please proceed to the Philippine Embassy for scheduling of DNA Testing at the Jawasat. Requirements for DNA testing is a xerox copy of the parent and child’s passports/travel documents. - END