The Philippine Embassy is authorized, through the Commissioned Consular Officer to solemnize marriages between two (2) Filipino nationals.


NOTE: Only marriages between Filipino nationals are performed by an authorized or duly commissioned consular officer within the Embassy premises.

Personal appearance of both parties are required when submitting the application for marriage.

General Requirements :

(For each party)

    1. Original and photo copy of the Birth Certificate from PSA, Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila.
    2. Original Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR) from PSA Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila.
      • CENOMAR must bear the complete and correct full name (first name, middle name, last name) and Date and Place of Birth of the contracting partiesand their parents, should be valid for 6 months from the date of issuance and it must be "For Marriage Purposes".
    3. Passport copy of each party (data page only).
    4. Two (2) pieces of (preferably 2x2 size) photo for each party.


      1. For contracting parties aged 18 – 21 years old: Affidavit of parental consent notarized and Apostilled by DFA, in additionto the usual requirements stated above.
      2. For contracting parties aged 21 – 25 years old: Affidavit of Parental advice notarized and Apostilled by DFA, in addition to the usual requirements stated above.
      3. For Widow/Widower:
        • Original and photocopy of the PSA issued Marriage Contract,
        • PSA issued Death Certificate, and
        • PSA issued Advisory on Marriage (with "For Marriage Purposes") all Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs, in addition to the usual requirements stated above.
      4. For contracting parties with Anulled Marriages: 
        • Original and Photocopy of the PSA issued Amended Marriage Contract,
        • Certificate of Finality of Decision and Court Order, and
        • PSA issued Advisory on Marriage (with "For Marriage Purposes") all Apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs, in addition to the usual requirements stated above.




Application FORMS for Marriage: Available in the Embassy’s website and at the Consular Section. IF HANDWRITTEN, PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY OR HAVE IT TYPEWRITTEN (EXCEPT FOR THE SIGNATURES) WHEN BROUGHT TO THE EMBASSY.

  1. Application for Marriage License
  2. Marriage License
  3. Joint Affidavit - signed by two witnesses and their address in the Philippines.
  4. Public Notice
      1. Procedures :

            1. Submit the required documents to the Consular Section (counter no. 7)
            2. Pay the required fees at the cashier;
            3. After ten(10) days of the prescribed public posting of your marriage, arrange the schedule of your wedding with the concerned consular assistant at Tel.No.01-4823816; or e-mail:
            4. Service Fees:
                1. Joint Affidavit: SR100.00
                2. Application for Marriage License: SR100.00
                3. Marriage Solemnization: SR 240.00

          (Partial payment of SR200. upon submission of all the requirements.)

          (Full payment of SR240. on the day of solemnization). Total= SR440.00


          1. You are allowed to have a maximum of TWO(2) WITNESSES/guests only to the ceremony.

        Dress code:

        • Bride - Formal/Semi-Formal dress or gown
        • Groom - Barong Tagalog/Business suit/Long-sleeved shirt with tie





        General Requirements :


        1. Duly accomplished Report of Marriage Form (FSC 75-94); (4 copies)
        2. Original and three (3) copies of Marriage Certificate authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs with English Translation;
        3. Passport copies of the spouses; (4-copies each, data page only)
        4. Certificate of conversion to Islam (for Muslim converts) with English translation (4-copies)
        5. For divorced obtained by the foreign spouse - submit the Philippine judicial recognition of foreign-issued absolute divorce decree.
        6. For Annulled or Widowed Applicants - submit the Judicial Decree of Annulment or Declaration of nullity of his/her previous marriage or Death Certificate of former spouse.
        7. Payment of SR100.00 - Report of Marriage and SR100.00 - Attestation


        STEP 1

        Apply for attestation of your marriage certificate with authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi at Window 6.
        Submit the original and a photocopy of the Arabic and English translation of Marriage Certificate.
        Pay the attestation fee of SR100


        STEP 2

        With your Marriage Certificate with Philippine Embassy attestation:

        Properly fill up the Report of Marriage Form (ROM), which can be downloaded from the website or obtained at the Consular Section.
        Submit four (4) sets of the requirements together with the original marriage certificate at window 4 for processing and evaluation.
        Applicants will be informed when to get their own copy of the processed ROM.
        Pay the required fee/s at the cashier.