Requirements for a Saudi Police Clearance


Police Clearance 



A. If Applicant is in Riyadh/Eastern Region:

For applicants in Riyadh and in any province of the Eastern Region, the Embassy will endorse the application for Police Clearance to the Office of the Director of the Police Department in Riyadh/Eastern Region, through an Endorsement Certificate.


  1. Copy of valid Philippine Passport;
  2. Copy of valid Saudi Iqama/Residence Permit; and
  3. Fee: SR100.00.

B. If Applicant is Outside Saudi Arabia/In the Philippines/Elsewhere:

For applicants outside Riyadh/Eastern Region, kindly accomplish/submit the following documents as required by Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs under its Note No. 94/70/19/37270 dated 03 November 2010:

    1. Request Letter addressed to the Consulate stating the purpose of the Police Clearance and your email address;
    2. Local Police Clearance with fingerprint from the current place of legal residence and duly authenticated by the nearest Saudi Embassy and Philippine Embassy/Consulate General (if abroad) or DFA Manila (if in the Philippines);

*MUST SUBMIT ORIGINAL w/ Arabic translation from the Accredited Translation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riyadh/Eastern Region and Authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh/Eastern Region, KSA

    1. Special Power of Attorney authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate (if abroad) of DFA Manila (if in the Philippines) for your authorized representative here in Riyadh to process your Saudi Police Clearance;


  1. Photocopy of passports used in Saudi Arabia clearly showing the applicant's photographs and all Saudi visas;
  2. Copy of Saudi Residence Permit (Iqama);
  3. Two (2) recently taken colored photos with white background (2 in. x 2 in. size); and
  4. Other relevant documents, if any, to support the application for Police Clearance.

The Embassy will provide your authorized representative with an Endorsement Letter addressed to and to be presented to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs endorsing your application. After the approval is obtained, your authorized representative will bring all the documents to the Philippine Embassy for the processing of the Police Clearance.

You will be notified by the Philippine Embassy when the Police Clerance is already available.

Furthermore, the Embassy may issue a Certificate of No Derogatory Record (NDR) to those who are unable to comply with the requirements of the Ministry provided the applicants can comply with the following requirements:

  1. Copy of previous passport/s showing date of entry and exit from Riyadh/Eastern Region;
  2. Copy of Employment Certificate during the period of stay in Riyadh/Eastern Region; and
  3. Copy of Final Exit Visa.



Police Clearance Forms

Application for Endorsement for Police Clearance
Note: This is for Applicants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Application for Police Clearance
Note: This is for Applicants Outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.