31 October 2014


Filipinos in Yemen Urged to Register for Repatriation


(31 October 2014)   In view of the current political and security situation in Yemen, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh would like to inform all Filipinos in Yemen that Alert Level 2 (Restriction Phase) has been raised to Alert Level 3. (Voluntary Repatriation). 

All Filipinos are strongly advised to leave Yemen as soon as possible. Currently, a total deployment ban is imposed and all travels to Yemen including those who are on vacation and returning to Yemen will not be allowed.

All Filipinos who wish to avail of Voluntary Repatriation must signify their intention and immediately coordinate with the Crisis Management Team for assistance.  Filipinos should decide and arrange to leave Yemen immediately, and not later than 30 November 2014.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has deployed a Crisis Management Team (CMT) in Sana’a to closely monitor the political and security situation and assist the Filipino community.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh urges all Filipinos in all cities and regions of Yemen to update their registration with the Embassy, or if they have not registered in the past, by accomplishing the registration form on the website of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh

For more information, Filipinos in Yemen may contact the following:

  1. Crisis Management Team
    Movenpick Hotel Sana’a
    Berlin Street, Sana’a, Yemen
    Mobile: +967 73 384 4958
  2. Mr. Mohammed Saleh Al Jamal
    Honorary Consul
    Philippine Consulate in Sana’a
    Hadda Area, Damascus Street,
    P.O. Box 1696, Sana’a, Yemen
    Telephone: +967 1 416751
    Fax: +967 1 418254
    Mobile: +967 777 2 555 11
    Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Filipino Community Coordinators and Leaders




Contact Number

Area (Sana’a) and Others

Mr. Christopher Mangalindan

712 669 014


Ms. Gloria Oliva

733 675 521


Mr. Rey Legara

711 363 592/ 736 050 387


Ms. Tet  Beltran

734 064 127


Ms. Malou Espinosa

735 229 822


Ms. Esther Ghalan

713 975 593


Mr. Robert  Manaay

714 700 327


Mr. Boyet  Gammad

733 445 599


Mr. Ronald  Pacifico

737 700 273/ 737 700 268


Mr. Jerry  De leon

736 307 357


Mr. Robert Manaay

714 700 327


Mr. Boyet Gammad

733 445 599


Mr. Ronald  Pacifico

737 700 273/ 737 700 268


Mr. June Sarmiento

712 502 878/ 736 139 943


Ms. Irenea Verzosa



Ms. Shirley Al-Gashm


President, TFCY

Mr. Loreto Tubig

733 152 584


Mr. Lito Albotra

772 422 777


Mr. Renan 

737 374 358


Mr. Edwin Sarsagat

711 201 842


Area 1:             Al Mashaby, Damascus St., Zero St., 14th St., Alsalamy St., Faj Attan St., 50th St. and Madeena

Area 2:             Bai Bos St., Al-Asbahy Area, Taiz St., Al-Safia, Dairy (Ring), Shumaila

Area 3:             Al- Sabain St., 70TH St., Al-Safia St., Mujahid St., Police Academy, Al-Rowishan, Saudi Embassy

Area 4:             Diplomatic Area, 60th St.

Area 5:             Al-Zubairy St., Al-Geria St.,Oman St., Baghdad St., Al-Dairy St., Till, Kentucky Ring

Area 6:             Tahreer St., Al Gazer St., Al Ga St. Al- Qiyada Ring, Saba Ring, Abdulghny St.

Area 7:             Shoab St., Al-Saela, Musek St., Al- Thawrha, Ba Ul Yemen

Area 8:             16th St., 20th St., Algamea, Al Kuwait St., Al Adal St., Al-Huriya St., Riabr St.

Area 9:             Al Geraf., Eastern Area, Airport Road, Al-Rowada Area

Area 10:          Sheraton Area, Sawan Area, Dhahar Himer Area, Nuqom, Khawlan, Tourist City

Area 11:          Shamlan, Matbaa, Eman University

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh continues to monitor the situation in Yemen and will provide further advisories to the Filipino community as may be necessary.  (END)