Warning To Filipinos Against Dealing With Fixers, Middlemen or Anyone Pretending to be An Embassy or Consulate Official

(Riyadh, 22 May 2013) The Embassy has received reports that some Filipinos have been victimized by other Filipinos pretending to be officials or personnel of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, the Philippine Consulate in General, or attached services.

These fixers, middlemen and pretenders ask for money for Embassy and Consulate services which are extended for free.

The travel documents issued by the Embassy and the Consulate to Filipinos who are going to be repatriated during the grace period are for free.  There are no charges.  The Embassy has received reports that some fixers are charging 1000 to 3500 Saudi riyals, and are around the Embassy or the temporary field office at the Elite International School.

The Embassy asks all Filipinos to check the websites of the embassy and the consulate for official advisories, and to ensure that they are dealing with officials and personnel of the Embassy and attached services inside the premises of the two missions who are required to have an embassy or consulate identification card.  In addition, all payments for consular services are paid only to the cashier with a corresponding official receipt.

Reports on fixers pretending to be Embassy or Consulate officials may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the Embassy numbers.