Host Govt Policy on the Formation of Organizations


Advisory No.  190 – 2012

10 December 2012


The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh informs all Filipino organizations and Filipinos in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it received a circular note dated 17 October 2012 to all Embassies and International Organizations prohibiting the establishment of organizations by expatriate nationals.


The circular note states that the Saudi MFA has observed that some accredited Embassies and International Organizations allowed the formation of organizations and the performance of activities by their nationals at their premises, which is a violation of rules and objectives of the diplomatic missions.

The Saudi MFA has requested all diplomatic missions to comply with the said instructions and prevent the creation and/or registration of community organizations whether they are formed in and outside the premises of the foreign missions.

The Saudi MFA further requested missions to immediately cancel the formation of organizations and their activities without permit from the Saudi MFA.

In compliance with the Saudi MFA instructions, the Philippine Embassy is suspending the accreditation and/or recognition of Filipino community organizations until further notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.