Embassy Advisories

Press Release


Advisory: Personal Documents of Filipino Nationals Received
from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Riyadh, 16 March 2016) – Please be informed that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has forwarded the personal Civil Registry documents of the following Filipino nationals to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh:

Reference Number Type of Document Party/Parties
1. No. 8/4 114510 dated 24/4/1435 Divorce Decree John M. Pasnak, Canadian national and Erlinda Delinela, Filipino national
2. No. 8/4 186371 dated 25/6/1436 Divorce Decree Hisham Mohammad Abdulmaqsoud Sabbah, Egyptian national and Jean Dimatalo Mercado, Filipino national
3. No. 8/4 186352 dated 25/6/1436 Divorce Decree Rifaat Atta Hasan Hawas, Egyptian national and   Melissa Bolaung Alfaro, Filipino national
4. No. 8/4 247858 dated 24/8/1436 Divorce Decree Ms. Aezha Lamparas Quimpan, Filipino national
5. No. 8/4 144794 dated 22/5/1435 Divorce Decree George Joseph Hallaq, Lebanese national and Florin Vonflor Reyes, Filipino national
6. No. 8/4 248993 dated 24/8/1436 Divorce Decree Ali Hussien Mohammad Dia, Lebanese national and Vicmar Pelayo, Filipino national
7. No. 8/4 345541 dated 4/12/1436 Divorce Decree Yousof Abdulqader Hasbollah Mohammad, Sudanese national and Aliah bint Coyo Tikson, Filipino national
8. No. 8/4 29545 dated 21/1/1437 Divorce Decree Salah Habib Ramadan Mohammad, Saudi national and Josephine Station Crisostomo, Filipino national

9. No. 8/4/41898

dated 28 November 2015

Divorce Decree Ameen Muzhar Abdu Al Hatar, Yemeni national and Catherine Morales Bogawing, Filipino National
10. Note No. 8/4/192777, dated 01 March 2016 Authenticated Marriage Contract Mr. Rafat Atahassan Hawas, Egyptian national and Milisa (Sakina) Bolaong Alfaro, Filipino national

The above-named Filipinos or their authorized representative are advised to collect their documents from the Embassy as soon as possible.