Embassy Advisories

Press Release

List of Civil Registry Documents Received from the
Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Riyadh, 06 October 2016) – The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishes to inform the following Filipino nationals that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has forwarded their personal Civil Registry documents to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh:

Reference Number Type of Document Party/Parties
No. 8/4/257349 dated 10/07/1437 Divorce Decree Mohammad Iqbal Ali Khan, Indian national and Honey Ebsin Manasbayon, Filipino national
No. 8/3/401794 dated 15/11/1437 Divorce Decree Ebrahim Mohamad Awad, Jordanian national and Cerlie De Vara, Filipino national

The above-named Filipinos or their authorized representative are advised to collect their document from the Embassy as soon as possible.