Philippine Embassy in Riyadh to
Start Issuing
Machine Readable Visa (MRV) Stickers


(Riyadh, 5 July 2015) – In line with current efforts by the Department of Foreign Affairs to streamline and modernize Philippine consular processes, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh is pleased to announce that it will start issuing Machine Readable Visas (MRV) beginning Wednesday, 8 July 2015.

The new Philippine visa stickers will mark the departure from a pre-printed label production with varying design layouts to a blank sheet production that complies with International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) standards for a “machine-readable visa format-B” specification, with a modern background design on a soft color scheme employing several security features.  

It should be added that those issued Philippine visas in the old format can continue to enter the Philippines provided their visas remain valid.   (END)