Bulletin no. 13



Bulletin No. 013

The Philippine Embassy reminds all Filipinos in the Kingdom that the extension of the KSA Amnesty Programme “A Nation without Violators” has ended on 15 November 2017.

During the Amnesty, the Embassy was able to assist qualified Filipinos in the following:

Name of Service Number of Services Rendered
Travel Documents Issued 7872 travel documents issued
Travel Documents Extended 57 travel documents extended
Ticket Assistance Provided 3,450 Filipinos provided with tickets for airfare going back to the Philippines

The Embassy was also able to assist in the final exit of Filipinos who had children born out of wedlock (i.e. Mother and Child cases). The Embassy facilitated the repatriation of 460 Filipino mothers, 132 Filipino fathers, and 352 Filipino children, including 13 abandoned Filipino children.

As announced by the Saudi Government, illegal expatriates who refused to leave through the Amnesty Programme, despite being qualified to do so, will be arrested, detained, made to pay the full penalties, and deported without being allowed to re-enter the Kingdom. Those who harbor illegal expatriates will also be subject to similar treatment from the Saudi Authorities.

Filipinos who were unable to leave through the Amnesty, due to ongoing police, labor, or court cases, should be able to show proof of these cases to the authorities to avoid being arrested and detained (i.e. case reference number, court orders, and other such documents issued by the Saudi Government).

For any questions and clarifications, please kindly contact the Embassy’s Assistance to Nationals Section (ANS) at 011 480 1918 (during Office Hours from 8 am to 5 pm). For emergencies, please call the Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Hotline at 056 989 3301.

The Embassy reminds all Filipino nationals to observe and comply at all times with the laws, rules and regulations of the Saudi Government. - END